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    Xiongxian Liya Packing Material Co.,Ltd. was set up in early 1980s,which is a comprehensive private owned company that include R&D,Design, Manufacture,Sales. We located in plastic packing park,Xiongxian,Hebei,China, registered the existing company name in 2004,with a registered capital of RMB 130,000,000.Our company covers an area of 70000sqm,bring up over280 sets of advanced production and inspection machines.Our main products include 3 series and over 60 different items, such as 3-layer Co-Ex PE film, CPP film, stretch film, cling film, laminated film, BOPP film, PET film, PA film, Matt film, Shrink Film, Anti Fog Film, and Biodegradable bags, Express bag, shipping bag, trash bag, Food Bag, Laminate Bag, PE gloves, PP box, paper cup, paper Bowl, Etc. Annual capacity of different kinds of Packaging Material over 50000MT.

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